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“I can’t start on the day of the hunt! Am I out of the race?”

The difficulty of this treasure hunt will make it where there will be days, possibly weeks of studying and researching.

You can start hunting for the treasure, simply with your mind!

How many maps are available in each city? 

We will stop selling maps when one of the following conditions have been met, whichever comes first.

A) We sell 1% of the City’s most current population
B) The treasure has officially been found in that city

Is this treasure hunt wheelchair accessible? 

If you choose to search, it takes place outside with a variety of environments and terrains. Please use your best judgement.

Is the treasure or any points of interest on private property? 

We highly advise against trespassing on private property without the land-owner’s consent.

Where are the terms and conditions? 

Terms and Conditions will be hosted and updated on our website… HERE

Do you have or require a gaming license?

We do not require a gaming license as per a quote from CTV: “Alberta Gaming Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) told CTV News the treasure hunt does not require a gaming licence.” ::Source::

What time will the map be released?

The maps are being released at the allotted time for your city.

How is the map being released? 

Maps will be released electronically to the email used to purchase the map.

What equipment do I need? (Shovels/Metal detectors/etc) 

You will only need your map and your wits. #NOSHOVEL required for this treasure hunt! Recommended: Pirate Patch

How long will it take to find the treasure? 

No one can know for sure how long it will take to find it. It could take weeks, months or a few hours depending on how clever you are.

Who is the company hosting the event? 

It’s a private company that has requested to stay anonymous for safety reasons. They intend to take this across Canada this summer.

Define city limits (Calgary/Edmonton/Vancouver) 

Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver Legal City Limits in 2019

Can we register as a team?

People may wok together but, each participant must have a valid proof of purchase to claim the treasure.

Can you prove legitimacy?

You can check out our media page >>HERE<<

The news has covered us quite a bit, and we are fully registered business (and you can come talk to us if you want).

What happens if multiple teams arrive to the treasure at the same time?

Although it is a possibility, it is not a probability. If it happens like in any situation the best judgement between parties should be exercised. We’re Canadians. Our team is hopeful that good nature and humanity shines through in a situation like this.

Can kids participate?

Maps are available for purchase to Canadian residents that are the age of majority in their respective province. Kids can participate but, not purchase the map or claim the treasure.

Is this open to all residents of Canada?


Do I have to live in the city?


Questions on Digging

DO NOT dig anything anywhere, ever for this treasure hunt. We want everyone to be safe so we started #NOSHOVEL

DO NOT contact BC 1 Call or Alberta One Call for this treasure hunt. That will only take away resources from people who need it. If you think you need to call them, you’re very likely in the wrong location. Thank you for understanding!

Why are the two maps priced differently?

The basic map has all the riddles you need to find the treasure. The upgraded map has extra clues (USA), or the ability to claim loot along the way (Canada).

Can I buy a map as a gift?


After you purchase, your confirmation email will provide instructions on how to gift the map to someone else!

Is the map transferable?

Short answer, yes, but please use the gifting option to conduct the transfer of the map.

How do I get a refund?

The process to refund your purchase is >>HERE<<

Are there actual Gold and silver coins in the chest?


Is there $100,000 worth of gold and silver in the chest?


What are the tax implications for treasure?

We suggest you speak to an accountant and do your own due diligence. You are finding the treasure.

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