Houston Practice Riddle 1: SOLVED


How well do you think you know Houston? This is all about some history. See if you can guess what we’re eluding to today!


Build walls with mire heated by fire
When chickens get eaten after enemies are beaten.
May the children learn about math and the fern
And of tales of historians, preserved by Houstonians.

What am I?


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“Build walls with mire heated by fire”

– The Kellum-Noble House stands on its original foundation and retains its original brick walls made with mud from Nathaniel Kellum’s brickyard on the banks of nearby Buffalo Bayou

“When chickens get eaten after enemies are beaten.”

This story starts in 1847 (same year that Kellum built the home), during the battle of Cerro Gordo. In a quest to take control of Mexico City, American Soldiers, including a regiment from Illinois, were successful in driving away Mexican troops holding a defensive position.
The Mexican General, Santa Anna, fled and among the things left behind in his haste was his prosthetic leg. Illinois soldiers turned over an abandoned bag of gold to their superiors — then ate what was meant to be his chicken dinner, and kept the leg.
and https://www.nprillinois.org/post/illinois-refuses-request-return-famous-mexican-general-s-wooden-leg#stream/0

“May the children learn about math and the fern”

It later was home to the Noble family, and during this time Zerviah Noble and her daughter Catherine operated one of the areas earliest schools in the house.

“And of tales of historians, preserved by Houstonians.”

The Heritage Society was Founded in 1954 by a number of public-spirited Houstonians to rescue the 1847 Kellum-Noble House from demolition. https://www.heritagesociety.org/about-ths

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