Edmonton Practice Riddle 2: SOLVED


This riddle is for the city of Edmonton, there are 4 locations you’ll need to decipher!


I’m a convicted smuggler, crossing paths with a snake crowned with cowardice and deceit 
I also encounter many scholars on repeat
Ending the 2-month journey with Edmonton’s house, I take the fame
Some call me beautiful, some call me a marsh. Nevertheless, a lake holds my name

What is my Source?


Category: X marks the spot

This riddle was solved using the x method. Each line references a separate location. Once all four locations have been deciphered, draw an X between the locations to find the solution.


  1. Anthony Henday Dr, named after Anthony Henday, an explorer and convicted smuggler, intersects the Yellow Head Trail.
    Yellow is symbolic for being the color of cowardice and deceit, and head is a synonym for crown.
    The road is long and curvy resembling a snake, thus “a snake crowned with cowardice and deceit”.
  2. Henday Hall is a student dormitory at the U of A, with scholars going to and from daily.
  3. Fort Edmonton Park, although not in the original locations, holds the fame for being the last fort at the end of the approximate 2-month journey down the Carlton Trail.
  4. Beaumaris Lake, when translated to English from French reads “beautiful marsh”.

After deciphering each of the four locations correctly, an X can be drawn that lands on the famed Saskatchewan river, that splits Edmonton in half.
Its source originates from the melting snow and ice of the rocky mountains.

Final Answer: Rocky Mountains

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