Practice Riddles


Vancouver Practice Riddle 1: SOLVED

This riddle is for the city of Vancouver, there are multiple locations you’ll need to decipher! Riddle: My acting was good but I was no …

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Calgary Practice Riddle 1: SOLVED

Calgary’s Practice Riddle, there are specific solving methods to each riddle! Riddle: I stand to commemorate our centennial yearMy ego is huge, I’m missing all …

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Edmonton Practice Riddle 1: SOLVED

Edmonton’s Practice Riddle Riddle: When we build like BeauxWith steps of granite Or 43 suites Or to gather as patriotsOr for the sake of art… …

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Vancouver, June 2019 Riddles Solved!

Finally!! You can go ahead and download and share with your friends and family (since the hunt is over!) (maybe even learn more about how …

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Calgary, June 2019 Riddles Solved!

Here is your official UN-LICENSED Map and Clues. That’s right! This is Calgary’s full reveal of all the riddles and clues – everything reverse engineered! …

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Edmonton, June 2019 Riddles Solved!

For the very first time, we are officially UN-LICENSING the Edmonton Map and Clues. You are now free to download and share (since the hunt …

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