Vancouver Practice Riddle 2: SOLVED


This riddle is for the city of Vancouver, there are specific solving methods to each riddle!


Previously mined to build Vancouver
With a distinct visit in 1939
Within a circle of shade
On the border of wasted sun
I have many names and multiple levels
And I stand fused with an embodiment of time

What is my highest level?


Category: Funnel method


  1. Queen Elizabeth Park was quarried for its rock, which served to build Vancouver’s first roadways.
  2. In 1939, Queen Elizabeth visited the park during her Vancouver trip.
  3. A series of bus stop shelters within the park are built in a circular style.
  4. The border of wasted sun refers to the separation between the pavement and grass, as the sun isn’t soaked up and used for photosynthesis on the cement.

All four lines will funnel you down to a erected stone with a plaque on it.
The plaque describes a set of rankings with the highest level being Platinum.

Final Answer: Platinum

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