Vancouver Practice Riddle 3: SOLVED


This riddle is for the city of Vancouver, there are specific solving methods to each riddle!


My 18th century portrait remains the same
Either you call me by a descriptor or my scientific name
Chunks of aluminum that make me whole
You see my low quality, while out on a stroll

What is my highest level?


Category: Landmark


The Orca statue is black and white. During the early development of cameras, colors were not able to be captured, hence if a picture was taken of the “Digital Orca” in the 18th century, the colors wouldn’t be altered.
The name “Killer whale” is actually a descriptor for Orcas. Orcas are in fact not whales but dolphins and are called killer whales because they prey on whales.
The statue can be described as low resolution because it resembles a pixelated object.

Final Answer: Digital Orca statue

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